How does it work

Graphically the sequence of beecards features

The main functions of beecards in detail

1. Account Reception

After signing up for the subscription, you will receive the credentials to enter the reserved area that is made available to you on this site to manage your business.

2. Association data configuration

Inside the reserved area you can first of all register the data of your Association, such as logo, header, contacts, contact details through a simple and intuitive page.

3. Setting tiles

After registering all the Association data, you can configure all the types of cards you offer to your members. For each type you can define the name, duration, cost, etc.

4. Registration of member data

The next step is to upload the details of the members registered in your Association, simultaneously providing them with the type and number of the card and sending them the digital card and the link to download the beecards APP by email. This operation has enormous advantages in terms of precision and time saving during the routine activities of your work. Here you can check, in addition to the member's personal data and the attachments that he himself makes available to you, the active cards and deadlines.

5. Loading News

In your reserved area you will have a simple panel available to upload news that your members will see in their APP. Each news item is made up of an image, a title and a text. You can use this feature to advertise an event, place announcements... like a bulletin board.

6. Communication exchange with members

In your reserved area you will have a simple panel available to send communications to a single member or to all members at the same time. This communication will be read by the member in his APP where, among other things, he can in turn send you one. (standard and premium versions only)

7. Mailing List

In your reserved area you have a "mailing list" function available that will allow you to periodically or occasionally send a newsletter to all your members. (premium version only)

1. Download APP

If you are a member of an Association, you can download our beecards APP at any time for free on the App Store and Play Store, which will help you manage your association membership.

2. Receiving credentials

If the Association you are affiliated with has decided to use our product, it will send you an email with the digital card and the link to download the APP. You will have to register and you will discover the numerous functions made available to you. If your Association has not already done so, suggest it join our beecards service.

3. Digital card and more...

Through our APP you can view your digital membership card with all your data. You can possibly update some of your personal data (e.g. new address, telephone or email...) and insert your photograph. You can also upload attachments (e.g. medical certificate, sports card, green pass, etc.) to send them to your Association for easy consultation.

4. News consultation

Through our APP you can read the news published by your Association.

5. Communications

Through our APP you can send and receive communication with your Association.
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